AA-SM-221 Tools – Wing in Ground Effect Performance

October 14, 2014 5:48 pm

Sample Engineering Spreadsheets Provided by Abbott Aerospace Inc

This spreadsheet uses the XL-Viking Plugin to display equations. The Spreadsheet will calculate correctly without the plugin and can be used ‘as is’ but none of the math will be visible. To find out more about XL-Viking click here.

NACA Technical Memorandum No. 77, Wing Resistance Near The Ground, C. Weiselberger. April 1922
NASA Technical Note D-926, Aerodynamic Characteristics of low-aspect-ratio wings in close proximity to the ground. Fink & Lastinger, July 1961
NASA Technical Note D-970, Effect of ground proximity on the aerodynamic charactertics of aspect ratio-1 airfoils with and without end plates, Carter, October 1961
NACA Technical Note 1973, Theoretical Spanwise Lift Distributions of low-aspect-ratio wings at speeds below and above the speed of sound, Diederich & Zlotnick, October 1949

Complex sheet for performance prediction of Wing in Ground Effect craft. Example in the sheet is for the Universal Hovercraft Hoverwing.

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