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June 21, 2015 5:06 pm

We have 100+ Engineering Methods Spreadsheets, Free For Everyone to Download. The Spreadsheets Are Laid Out in Report Format and Are Ready to Print.

The Spreadsheets Also Demonstrate How Aerospace Engineers Use the XL-Viking Formula Display to Check and Display Their Work.
(You Do Not Need the Add-In to Download the Free Spreadsheets, But it Would Complete Your Experience of Course!).

With the 30 Day Free Trial of the XL-Viking Formula Display Add-in, Math Formulas Are Displayed Showing the Actual Values or Variables Names of Each of Your Formula Cell-References, As Shown in The Image to The Left.
The Formula Display Add-In Consists of Custom Functions That Behave Just Like Any Other Native Excel Function. They Update Live As You Change the Cell Values in Your Spreadsheets.

It is Easy to Display Your Excel Formulas:

To Display Formula Values You Just Type xln plus a cell-reference into a cell.
The cell-reference is the Excel Cell where the formula is located.

Displays the formula that you typed into or already exists in Cell B1.

To Download the Free Spreadsheets Goto Our “Free Excel Spreadsheets” Page.

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