The XL-Viking Add-In

The XL-Viking Formula Display Functions brings essential new functionality to Microsoft Excel. Engineers, Accountants, Analysts, Mathematicians, Scientists, Teaching professionals or anyone who uses Excel can now, for an unprecedented low price, extend the utility and value of Microsoft Excel.

What does it do?

The XL-Viking Functions turn Excel into an effective technical and teaching tool. The Functions display formulas using either numbers or variable names, and allows the easy use of standard mathematical notation and Greek characters.


How do I use it?

Visit our extensive library of video tutorials on how to use the XL-Viking add-in. More information on how to use it can be found in our support section.



Why would I want to use it?

Excel shows you the answer in a cell but has no tools for displaying the math that is behind the answer. This tool has been developed by Aerospace Engineers to design and certify commercial aircrafts that you have probably flown on.


The initial release includes:

Equation display functionality:

Take a typical formula:

based on typical spreadsheet input

You can now display numerical values to set decimal places or you can use our unique adaptive number formatting.

Using Fixed Decimal Places

Using our unique adaptive number format

You can display variable names

A flexible Control Panel that makes it easy to insert common math and special format characters.

And a host of other additional functions and features including:

a significant figures function

an adaptive number formatting function