Free Engineering Spreadsheets

All our Engineering Method spreadsheets are free to download. Each spreadsheet is self contained and very easy to follow. After adding customised information, like geometry, properties, and applied loading, the allowable load/stress is automatically calculated together with the Margin of Safety (MS).

Here is a 30 sec example of how to use one of our Spreadsheets to find the Needham Crippling Allowable & MS.

All spreadsheets use the XL-Viking Add-in to display and audit the calculations. The XL-Viking add-in contains easy to use functions that shows all the numbers or variables in each Excel formula. This ensures accuracy and traceability of the calculations.

This quick Video Tutorial shows how easy the calculations are checked and displayed, live in the spreadsheet.

The xln check and display function is free. It has unlimited use, no sign-up or registration is required. Download the free add in here.

The Free Spreadsheets can be downloaded from  Abbott Aerospace Technical Library.