How to Calculate Neuber Elastic Stress Correction

October 14, 2014 2:57 pm 2 Comments

How to calculate the corrected elastic stress using Neuber method. A standard free Engineering method spreadsheet is used.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded for free at Abbott Aerospace Inc

The XL-Viking Free Formula Auditing Add-in.

Most of the free spreadsheets use the XL-Viking Formula Auditing Functions. 

The functions display values and variables of formula you type into Excel.

This helps you avoid mistakes and is useful for checking, auditing and validation of your calculations.

This short video shows how the formula auditing functions works

The XLN function is completely free and can be downloaded here



David Edwards says:

This is a nice tool but it goes off the chart when entering properties of steel with an Ftu > 200 ksi. Can this be revised to work with high strength steels? Thanks.

Richard says:

David – you can change the scale of the chart axes and you have to change the range of elastic stress that is used to generate the graph in column Y. I will look at making his adaptive in future versions.
Thanks for your input.

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