So you spent hours putting this amazing, multitasking, linking, kick-ass, magic spreadsheet together. Now what?

January 21, 2017 10:02 am

Why should I check my spreadsheet?

It is estimated that 88% of all spreadsheets have errors in them. Studies show that, not only are these mistakes detrimental in terms of loss of time and money, but also damaging in terms of ruined reputation and job losses.

What can you do to avoid spreadsheet errors?

Any spreadsheets needs to be checked and double checked. Visual review of the spreadsheet and double checking formulas are key to minimising mistakes. The person who developed the spreadsheet must do their own checks. But it is also of paramount importance that the spreadsheet is peer reviewed before it is accepted. 

The tools available within Excel to check and audit spreadsheets are outlined in the following post. Check and Audit excel Spreadsheets. The post also includes introduction to using the XL-Viking check and display functions.

The XL-Viking Excel Formula Check, Audit & Display Add-in

The XL-Viking add-in contains Excel formula check and auditing functions. These functions will display the actual values or variables of the entire formula. This is extremely useful, not only in terms of ensuring accuracy and validity of the excel formula, but also in terms of reducing the checking and auditing time of the calculations.

This is how it works;

The XL-Viking add-in was developed by Aerospace Engineers whose calculations determine the structural integrity of aircrafts. Any calculation mistakes that go undetected can, as we can all imagine, have catastrophic consequences.

The xln Check and Display function is completely free and available to download here.

The Add-in is free to use for everyone.

It only takes 20 seconds to download and install the add-in.

The Add-in also contains a free custom menu ribbon that makes Excel easier to use.

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